The 5 Mistakes New Hair Entreprenuers Might Make

There are the five biggest mistakes new hair entrepreneurs make. So you need to make sure that you don't make any of these. 


1.The first mistakes new hair entreprenuers make is waiting for perfection to get started.

I know people that have been working on their logos and working on their websites and working on their branding and doing all of this planning and they have notebooks full of notes with all these numbers and they're so thorough.
 But at the end of the day you need to just start all of those plans that you are making. Because things could change as quick as a snap when they're met with the real world.  The big mistake in waiting so long is once you actually get out there and start selling and you start interacting with your customers as opposed to just sitting there thinking about the maybes.
And what I've said this might happen so I'll prepare for it this way when you get out there and you start selling you can actually get in motion and most of the time the feedback that you are going to get from your audience is going to be way different from what you assumed it was going to be. 
So waiting until perfection is a huge mistake.


2.  The second mistakes new hair entreprenuers make is building a brand for themselves and not their customers.


People asking why they're getting traffic why they built their website why they're posting on social media but they can't seem to make a sale most of the time it's because your brand is built based on what you think.
It should look like as opposed to you stopping not for too long. Don't pause and wait for perfection but taking a second to really think about who it is that you're trying to serve and then reverse engineering your success so that your brand speaks directly to your customer that is the quickest way to the bag.
I see a lot of you saying well I like pink sparkles so I'm gonna put pink sparkles . Even though I'm saying that my avatar is really classy and doesn't really shop in the discount bin and likes things that are really high-end, I'm gonna put a sparkly logo up, I'm gonna put a bunch of bundle deals and banners that say sale sale sale. So here you are building something for yourself that does not speak to this high-end
classy person that doesn't want to sale they don't want budget bundles.
It's really easy to avoid if you just take a minute think about who your target customer is. Create your customer avatar and then build everything backward from there because is your business about your Ego? is your business about how you look to the rest of the world? or is your business about you making money? you know where you make money? so the quickest way to do that is by reverse engineering your success. Stop making your brand about you, start making it about your customer.

3. The third mistakes new hair entreprenuers make is underestimating the amount of work that it takes to make money.  

If it was easy everybody would be doing it and there are a lot of people that are trying to make money selling here but at the end of the day the ones that end up making the money are the ones that aren't sitting around waiting for someone to tell them what to do next.  
They aren't waiting for me to send that next email. Instead they're taking the tips that I'm sharing. They're taking whatever information that they can find and they're putting it to work. They're doing their own research, they're reading their own books, they're watching more than just one Youtube channel and they're getting the the tips and tactics and tools that they need regardless of those things. They are determined to continue pushing forward.
That's the big difference between those that end up making it and those that don't.
You need to understand that you don't get days off as a hustler. As a boss as a business owner as a startup owner you have to show up every single day.
When you were an employee yes you've got weekends off. why ? Because the whole company isn't your responsibility. That's your bosses. That's why they end up taking home the big check at the end of the day it's because they put everything in and all liability is on them.
The same is with you and your business. Your social media isn't gonna get posted unless you post. People aren't gonna hear about your brand unless you are spreading word about it. You have to be willing to put in the work, you have to be willing to wake up a couple hours extra early so that you can post before you go to your 9:00 to 5:00.
And this is your side hustle. Understand? You need to hustle. The hustle needs to match the dream. It needs to match the goal.
You have to understand that's not how reality works you have to put in the work otherwise you get nothing.

4.The fourth mistakes new hair entreprenuers make is not reinvesting your profits back into your brand

The mistake you would make if you're just getting started and you're

just making a little bit of money. The big mistake that you'd made there is taking it out and spending it on something that isn't an asset that's gonna help to make more money for your business.


If you don't have the actual capital or cash to push paid advertisements so that you don't have to be there physically telling people about your brand.

If you don't have the money to brand yourself or to have someone else packing your orders. Say you're a member of our wholesale program like if you are still in the early stages of building. You need to understand that yes it is tempting to see those hundreds maybe thousands of dollars just put a leg up in your PayPal account but wouldn't it be so much better to see tens of thousands of dollars piling up in your PayPal account because you decided to have a little discipline you decided to hold off what you wanted you decided

to avoid the what is it instant gratification to not go with instant gratification and wait a little longer so that you were reinvesting in your business but you need to reinvest in your brand once you see things build in and you are immediately gonna see what I'm talking about with the first couple hundred dollars that you get if you put

that toward maybe getting your business cards maybe running some ads so that people in your area are more aware of your brand you are going to see that return on your investment but if you put it into shoes you get nothing.


5. The fifth mistakes new hair entreprenuers make is not living and being the brand.


I think the reason why so many companies that you guys look to and enjoy and like set the standard in the industry. You know the woman that owns the company that's part of what drives their business is the fact that they are also a brand in themselves.

They are willing to say these are my products I stand behind them and I have this personal brand where I know that you can get in touch with me on any of my Instagram or Facebook or Twitter posts I know that I'm right here if you need me.
I think that is one of the biggest advantages that you have over any of these anonymous international internet companies so many people are so concerned about the fact that the hair market is so oversaturated now that there's Alibaba and there are
the Chinese and Indian hair manufacturers that are selling direct to
consumer and they're all over Instagram and all up in your comments like everyone's concerned about that but understand if you have a strong enough brand there is no way one of those companies is going to beat you at speaking to your customers.
The fact that you can show up and say hey I'm here. The fact that you have your own life in you are a part of your own community and that people understand that those are also things that that come into play
when you're talking about putting a product out there and building a
business that your name is attached to.
It's just a level of it's like tangible the tangibility helps to create that much more trust between you and your customers.But so many people are so concerned about what the rest of the world is gonna think or maybe they're concerned about the fact that they're trying to market to 20 year olds and they might be 50 years old. At the end of
the day you probably gonna make more money if you're marketing to a demographic that you can actually relate to and connect to you make if you were 50s selling to other fifty-year-olds because you speak their language you connecting with your clients connecting with your customers.
You being the face of your brand is what is gonna allow your brand to last and to really really grow with your clients and customer base.  
So these are the all five mistakes the new hair entrepreneurs might make. We really hope this article can help you to avoid these mistakes when you are starting up for your hair business.
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