Bridger hair now accepts the below payment methods and if you want to pay with different methods, please contact customer@bridgerhair.com.
2. VISA/ Credit Card
If you don't have paypal, how do you pay with credit card?
1. Select your cart and click "check out". Fill in your shipping information and click "complete order".
2. In the pop-up window, click on "pay with credit or debit card".
3. Choose your country
4. Fill in all the card info
5. Successful payment.
Note: You can choose to register a paypal account if you want during the process. 

If you don't have Paypal, please follow the below instructions to register Paypal. 
1. Visit the PayPal website or open the PayPal app. You can create an account from the PayPal homepage or from the app. You can install the app for free from your device's app store. The account creation process is largely the same for both the website and the app.

2. Click "Sign Up for Free" or tap "Sign Up". This will begin the account creation process.
3. Enter your email address and create a password. Make sure that you create a strong password so that nobody else can access your financial information.
4. Fill out the form with your personal information. You'll need to enter your legal name, address, and phone number. All of this information is required in order to create your account.
5. Enter your credit or debit card (optional). After entering your personal information, you'll be prompted to enter your credit or debit card. You can enter this now or later, but you'll need to at some point if you want to verify your PayPal account.
6. Enter your bank account information (optional). You'll need a bank account linked if you plan on receiving money and want to be able to transfer it to your bank.
Then Now, you get your Paypal Account and can enjoy shopping and get the hair you need.