360 FRONTAL VS FULL LACE WIG, Which Option is Best for You?

We know lots of girls are wondering about the difference between a full lace wig and a 360 frontal. Today we would like to slove all these puzzles for you.

1. Thinness

About the full lace wig, it is exactly what it sounds like. it is a full lace so it's hair all released all over on your whole head.
As to the 360 lace frontal, it covers the most perimeter.
Full lace wig, usually it comes at 150% density, some have 180% density. The density can always be customized according to your request. But when you are getting full lace wig and you want your hair to be extremely full, you should probably go with the 360 lace frontal, so you can add as many bundles as you like or what you can fit in.
All lace sheds eventually. We are not saying that it just sheds quickly or whatever like it should eventually shed due to manipulation of any kind, such as bleaching the knots, coloring, constant combing and brushing every day. So don't be alarmed if your lace is shedding eventually. However it is easier to deal with thinning hair when you have a 360 frontal, because you can just add bundles to achieve that thickness once you start losing hair.
With the full lace wig, if the hair is thinning out, you're kind of just stuck. And it is an investment so just make sure that you're ready to deal with that maintenance.

2. Versality

The silver lining with the full lace wig is that you have the option to do versatile partings you can part it in the middle, on the side. You can part across the hairline, you can part all the way down the middle, you can do cornrow braids. That's just how versatile they are and of course you can do the different
ponytails and all of that other stuff.
For a 360 frontal you can just do the parts all the way you know here from your hairline although there is the parts in the back. Most of the time your parting will just be on your hairline.
For full lace wig, usually there is a size chart, you can choose the small,medium or large cap size. You need to measure your head correctly and choose the most appropriate one for yourself.
With a 360 frontal, however, it is more of a one size fit all or more of the universal fit. But the thing about it is if you compare it with the full lace wig, if you mess around and get a wig that is either too small or too big there's no real adjusting to it so you need to make sure that you are precise with your measurements.
Now as with the 360 lace frontal hold that is easier to customize only because it is one size fit all and you can simply just cut the back and stitch it back together.
That actually access another question that I saw a lot is what happens if your frontal is too big ?
Actually you can simply just cut the back and sew it back down
together and you sew it back together in the back of your head and it will still camouflage when you do ponytails or whatever.
Here are some tips to help you determine which option would be best for you.

1. How thick do you really want your hair?

Are you more of a natural girl or are you more of a glam girl? so what we mean by that is we have clients who love that more natural, fullness in length and they're just completely fine with having thinner hair.
Then we have some glam clients who love to have four bundles worth of just all by in hair thickness into that natural look.
what the 360 install is for bundles so if you like that bonus 360 is the way to go.

2. How versatile do you want it?

are you looking for that maximum versatility or if you're just looking to be able to part it middle-sized changeyour part and put it in a ponytail just simply go with the 360 frontal.
if you're looking to do all of that the cornrows and the two braids then do the full lace wig.

3. Do you plan on keeping the hairstyle?

This can go a few different ways.
full lace wig you can take them on and off and or you can get them sewn down.
For 360 frontals you can also get it sew down or you can get the 360 frontal made into wig. All of these things factor into longevity of the hair.
When it comes to deciding, it is always difficult. And bridgerhair do hope this article can help making the decision making process easier.


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