How to Find Wholesale Wig Suppliers through Third Party Platforms?

If you want to find wholesale wig suppliers online, there are plenty of ways to do this.  We are trying to find wholesale wig suppliers, not retails, so we need to make sure the wig suppliers or manufacturers can offer us good price, nice quality and great customer service. In this article, we will cover the ways of finding wholesale wig suppliers using third party platforms. 


Most of wigs suppliers stay on the platfrom where they can get the most exposure and most orders. According to the current market situation, alibaba, aliexpress, amazon, ebay, etsy are really great platforms where they can get known by millions of consumers and get their products sold. 


We believe lots of you may never heard of alibaba or aliexpress, but most of you must have shopped on Amazon. So today we will tell how to search for wholesale wig suppliers on Amazon. And once you learned how to use Amazon to find the perfect wholesale hair vendors, you can also know how to find perfect hair vendors from other third party platform like aliexpress, or alibaba.


first, you can open amazon website and search for a keyword, like "straight human hair wig", then a lot of products will pop out and you can click one product randomly and check the details. 

What you really need to  pay attention is how long that shop has been open, how many reviews they have on the product and check the 1 star, 2 star and 3 star reviews to see what they are talking about. Then you will know more details about the product and the company. 


If this company has all five star reviews without one single bad review, that either means this hair company is really good or this hair company is relatively new. Because as long as you are in this hair business for a long time, you will get some bad reviews sooner or later. The hair product is not like a standard machine procedure work, once all the spare parts are ready, you can just assemble all the spare parts together, then it should be fine. 


For most of the human hair wigs, it is like an individual art of work, one is different from the other, bcz the lace closure might be ventilated by different workers, and wefts sewed by different workers and colored in different batches. So even the same hair company cannot guarantee the quality in this batch can be the same with another batch. So when choosing wholesale hair vendors, you need to bear that in mind and don't freak out when you found bad reviews. 


What you really should focus on is the consistency of the quality, because most of the time a good hair company will make sure the hair products they send is of nice quality and will reslove issues once there are any. 


So you need to use this method and check the seller ratings and everything and do it one by one, write all the info you collected from the research down into a notebook and narrow down, then you should get a small list of hair vendors.


Except Amazon, other platfroms like Ebay, Aliexpress, Alibaba is also great platfroms where most sellers stay. The method is also the same, you can use the same method on both Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay.


You might wonder which platform you should choose to find the wig vendors? That is a good question. Usually we refer Aliexpress as B2C platform, which means it is more like business to customer platform and its main advantages is retail. For Alibaba, it is more targarted at B2B business, which means most of the customers on the platform is business owners. So if you are trying to find great wholesale wig vendors, Alibaba seems to be a better choice.


But, with the transparency of information, more and more retail customers are also going to Alibaba to get bulk price, so the difference between Aliexpress and Alibaba is getting smaller. So we would suggest you try more platfroms when finding wig vendors. 


Knowledge is the first step and now you need to pratice with what you have learned. Keep practising this method and we believe you will find the trustworthy wholesale human hair wig vendors sooner or later. 

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